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1. Victorian English Eteigre 86in Tall & 48in Wide
2. Victorian Cylinder Roll Secretary With Bookcase Top (Cherry) 85in Tall and 35in Wide
3. Mahogany 2pc Breakfront With Butlers Desk 89in Tall and 56in Wide
4. Victorian Leaded Glass Bookcase 86in Tall and 52in Wide
5. 2pc Burl Breakfront 77in Tall & 72in Wide
6. French Decorated 3 Section Vanity
7. Great Carved Chippendale Chair Ball & Claw Feet 53in Tall
8. Match Pair Curio Cabinets 64in Tall and 32in Wide
9. Unusual Gold Gilded Settee 70in
10. Mahogany Corner China Cabinet With Round Glass Drexel 70in Tall
11. Inlaid Queen Ann Secretary With Bookcase Top 79in Tall and 36in Wide
12. Early Heppelwhite Corner Washstand 41in Tall
13. Inlaid Dimilune Server 33in Tall and 37in Wide
14. Great Pine Kitchen Cabinet 55in Tall and 35in Wide
15. French Marble Top Coffee Or Tea Table
16. Inlaid Mahogany China Cabinet 72in Tall and 49in Wide
17. Carved Grained Oak Sideboard 82in Tall and 45in Wide
18. 54in Queen Ann Dining Table With 4 Chairs
19. Rare Walnut Victorian Marble Top Washstand Sink Complete With Hardware From Cox Estate 34in Wide and 42in Tall and 24in Deep
20. Antique Vitrine Inlaid 42in Tall and 16in Square
21. Custom Made Cabinet From Estate
22. 2 Custom Made Popular Tables 60in x 6oin & 31in Tall. Made From Trees From Etowah County Estate. 2in Boards On Top One Table 32in By 60in By 31in
23. 2 Pine Benches From Same Estate 59in
24. Victorian Half Commode 20in Wide
25. Inlaid Commode With Swans 35in Tall & Wide 19in Deep
26. Mahogany Corner Cabinet Drexel With Round Glass 77in Tall
27. Antique Muffin Stand
28. One Of Several Bronze 24in Tall
29. One Of Several Bronze
30. Unusual Bronze Figure
31. Sample of Bronze
32. Inlaid Rosewood Sewing Stand 24in By 20in
33. Inlaid Window Table
34. Early Federal Settee 45
35. Pair French Fired Chairs
36. Great Palace Size Rug 12ft x 14ft 7in Tabriz. One Of Several Big Rugs Also Large Palace Size, Room Size, Small, Etc.
37. Walnut Victorian Secretary Bookcase Top 89in Tall and 40in Wide
38. One of Several Lamps
39. Recamier
40. Collection RS Prussia Approximately 23 Pieces 10in RS Portrait Bowl
41. 2 10in Flowers R S Prussia
42. 9in Pitcher RS Prussia
43. 8in And 10” RS Prussia
44. Cream an Sugar RS Prussia
45. Rare 2in Toothpick RS Prussia
46. 7 Piece Berry Set RS Prussia
47. 12 Unmarked Bowls
48. Unusual Bowl RS Prussia
49. Royal Vienna Austria 12in
50. Royal Vienna Austria 10in
51. Royal Vienna Austria 8in and 9in
52. Royal Vienna Austria 10in
53. Rare Railroad Watch Elgin Works – National Clock Co. With Original Key
54. Collector Edition Havilland Of Limoges 4 Steins
55. Rare Painting of Ivory 3.5in
56. The Best Nippon You Will See 9in
57. 8in Cut Glass Bowl
58. Sample Of Art Work Overall Size 44in x 32in Painting 36in x 24in
59. 5 Piece Inlaid French Bed Room Suite
60. 2 each. 3 Pc. Garden Sets One Aluminum and One Iron
61. 3 Pc. French Parlor Set
62. Unusual Inlaid French Commode With Marble Lined Inside
63. Large Collection Blue & White English Johnson Brothers 102 Pcs.
64. Sample of Leaded Windows
65. 3 Pine Benches
66. Garden Furniture
67. Double Burner Student Lamp Pair of Capi-D-Monte Figures
68. Sample of Smalls
69. Sample of Smalls
70. Carved Mirror
71. Silk Rug
72. Mirrors & Picture Frames
73. Lamps
74. Rare Wedgewood In Original Box
75. Rare Wedgewood In Original Box
76. 6 Pc. Tea Set
77. Smalls
78. Sample of Oriental Rugs
79. Sample of Oriental Rugs
80. Sample of Oriental Rugs
81. Sample of Oriental Rugs
82. Great Pair French Twin Beds 81in Tall and 31in Tall
83. Set Of 6 Windsor Chairs 2 Arms
84. Sample Of Oriental Rugs
85. 3 Section Folding Screen
86. Super Serapy 8ft10in x 12 Feet
87. Sample Of Rugs
88. Sample Of Rugs
89. Sample Of Rugs
90. Sample Of Rugs
91. Sample Of Rugs
92. Mahogany Cedar Chest Or Blanket Chest
93. Palace Size 10ft 8in x 17 Sarouk
94. Auction Setup Photos
95. Auction Setup Photos
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100. Auction Setup Photos
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